Shipping and return policies for Underground Communique Records

Shipping Info
Hi potential customer.

We sell records and CDs and books and things. Most are new. Some are used. All are loved. If you freak out because you thought you were buying a new LP for $8 but it is used, do not get angry if it's used...if you have a tendency to do that sort of thing, please do not order from us (but note, there are some new LPs that cheap (or cheaper) in our store).

For US customers we have a flat rate shipping charge, which is $4.99, so if you order 100 LPs or one 7", the shipping is the same. I know this kind of sucks when all you want is one 7"...but I used to have a '1 7" only' postage option and people were being dicks and would pick that option because it was cheaper when they placed larger orders and I'd lose money on their orders. Honor system be damned (not the band, because they were awesome), I had to change it to this.

If you are going to freak out because you ordered yesterday or last week and your order has not shown up yet or you don't have shipping confirmations yet, please do not order from us. We will ship your orders ASAP, but I am not here to give you instant gratification. If you have ever filed a paypal claim within a month of ordering something, we do not want your business. We will not rip you off, but it may take a little bit of time to ship your order or for it to arrive. This label is run by one person in a cluttered basement office...and sometimes my day job is crazy and I don't have time to pack mail-orders until 1am and I get behind on things.

Regarding International Orders
I am sorry I live in a country where international postage costs so much to ship to you. I apologize to our supporters in Europe, the UK and Japan and anywhere else that this fucks with. I am trying to get a reliable source for distribution overseas so you do not have to get ravaged by postage costs. If you do order from here, I AM SORRY.

There is a weight limit to international orders as well: 4lbs (aka 1.81kg for the metric people). Keep that in mind, as it only takes a few records to hit that threshold along with packing materials. Is there a way around this?
No. I haven't found one.
Yes, it sucks.
In some cases, international orders cost more to ship than the store calculates, (for a variety of reasons like you ordered the "10 CDs for $20" or the box was heavier than planned...regardless, this will delay the shipment and may cause me to send you an invoice for additional postage costs, waiting until this is paid will also cause delays...and your order will not ship without paying the invoice)...if the store over-calculated the international postage, I will refund the difference. The store base postage is for an LP, so mailing a CD or a 7" will not cost that expect a refund. If you cannot wait for that, email me with the list of items you would like to order with your Paypal email address (if it's different from the one you email from) and your street address, and I will send you a custom invoice.
In the event that an international order goes missing, any future orders for you will require insurance that will be invoiced separately.

THANK YOU for reading this far, but seriously, no shenanigans, people.
undergroundcommunique [at] gmail [dot] com

I "borrowed" the basis of this from Bloated Kat Records' store. They are a very good label too, look them up.
Return Policy
We are not liable for minor things like dinged up corners or seam splits...though we will do whatever we can to prevent that from happening when packing your orders. This is part of the charm / risk of mailorder...if the records themselves show up damaged email me and we can work something out. Some of the distro records are shrink wrapped by the other labels, if you want us to open them when we ship them, post a comment in the notes section during checkout or email me after you place the order (none of the Underground Communique Records releases are shrink wrapped. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT I AM NOT TO BLAME IF SOMETHING IS DAMAGED DURING SHIPPING. I am not in the business of selling you broken things. If something is broken when it arrives, just email me and we'll get it sorted out. Easy as that. If something hasn't arrived the same thing, I'll check the tracking info and/or email the post office for assistance...which scary enough is actually becoming a thing that they do after all these years.

Unless the item is damaged in shipping there are no returns, and in the event the item is damaged, it will be replaced, once the damaged product is returned at the buyers additional expense. Once received the replacement package will be shipped out.

we do not sell physical products through the bandcamp site, however, if there is any stock available, there is a link to our store to buy a copy.