1. The Sun is Down and The Night is Riding In

  2. Perhaps You Deliver this Judgment with Greater Fear than I Receive It

  3. This is a Sickness and Sickness will End

  4. On the Eve of Destruction: 1991-1995
    The Suicide Machines

  5. With Wade
    All Eyes West

  6. This Music Will Survive
    Tomorrows Gone

  7. Obsolete
    The Sky We Scrape

  8. Attack Scene EP
    the Bollweevils


  10. Broken Ladders
    the Sky We Scrape

  11. 169 Miles
    Break Anchor / Lawskof

  12. Barons

  13. Volunteer 12" EP

  14. Untitled ("Fighting Over a Knife") 7"
    the Mons

  15. "We're Fucked"
    Galactic Cannibal

  16. split 7"
    Sweet Cobra & Get Rad

  17. Dead City EP
    Easy Action + Snakewing

  18. Great White Arc
    Young Light

  19. Great Lakes Great Mistakes
    Break Anchor, Unsinkable Molly Brown

  20. The Complete Recordings

  21. VBS-PP split
    Pity Party & Vacation Bible School

  22. Universal Laws

  23. You Name It, We Hate It! (Complete Discography)
    Ambition Mission

  24. Fest Friends!
    Various Artists

  25. Pilfers

  26. Bury Me at Make-out Creek
    The Killing Tree

  27. I Think About You Everyday
    Eastland Disaster

  28. the Heat Tape
    the Heat Tape

  29. Ruined the Scene
    Vacation Bible School

  30. Givers Takers

  31. split cassette
    O Pioneers!!! - AJJ

  32. Untitled EP
    the Outsiders

  33. Split Album
    the Methadones & the Copyrights

  34. I believe / Exit 17 EP
    the Methadones

  35. Not Economically Viable
    the Methadones

  36. split EP
    Explode & Make Up, Hellmouth

  37. WTF Happened to Common Sense
    Get Rad

  38. Explode and Make Up
    Explode and Make Up

  39. Demo Tape EP
    the Honor System

  40. Guacamole EP

  41. Chicago Vs. London
    Shot Baker - Serf Combat

  42. Demo
    Iron Reminders

  43. Holemole

  44. Genghis Puss
    Mexican Cheerleader

  45. Homefront

  46. Severance Pays
    Black Cross

  47. Time to Panic EP
    Shot Baker

  48. and for a roof a sky full of stars
    Angel Eyes

  49. Goodbye Middle Class
    New Bruises

  50. Complete Discography

  51. Awake
    Shot Baker

  52. The Way Things Are...
    My Big Beautiful

  53. Dreamland
    Report Suspicious Activity

  54. Tilted / Cities in Dust EP
    Four Star Alarm

  55. Stampede
    Few and the Proud

  56. JC-SoS split 7"
    J Church & Sound on Sound

  57. Black Mambas
    O Pioneers!!!

  58. Mexican Mystery Tour
    Mexican Cheerleader

  59. Something to do with death.
    Angel Eyes

  60. Work Slow Crush Foes
    Rollo Tomasi

  61. Plain
    Fourth Rotor

  62. Vindictives Tribute EP
    Shot Baker / Vacation Bible School

  63. the World I Know
    Pegboy Tribute Compilation

  64. JC-MBB split 7"
    J Church & Minority Blues Band

  65. the Dust Has Settled
    Haunted Life

  66. Kings and Kings' Hoots
    Mexican Cheerleader

  67. Mexican Cheerleader
    Mexican Cheerleader

  68. Live At The Fireside Bowl



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